Leonardo Almeida

Leonardo Almeida

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First Name * Leonardo
Last Name * Almeida
Username * leocda
Country * Brazil
City Brasilia
Nationality Brazilian
Languages EnglishPortuguese



Website www.picturetopeople.org


I'm a Computer Graphics researcher.

Consider like that: while a lot of people are artists with mouse and tablet, I'm artist with math models and algorithms. I develop them to make possible new digital artistic effects or make designer's life easier.

I have been studying and researching about Computer Graphics for more than 15 years.

I develop a new free software for 2D drawing, authoring, composing and image processing. The main goal is to offer beautiful and very easy to use (1-click when possible) artistic effects for photography and drawing. This way, non-professional designers will have easy results and professional ones will have countless possibilities by mixing the ready-to-use effects.

If you like, you can visit my site about Computer Graphics: http://www.picturetopeople.org.
There are a lot of free effects there.